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The Revival Festival is an intimate Grass Roots music, art, and cultural awareness festival, with a spirit of building connections, collaborations, equality and exposure.

"The Revival feels like coming home"


Come and join us on January 21, 2022 for 2 magical days and 2 epic nights of incredible live music, yoga, camping, food, drink, and connection in the jungle of the beautiful Caribbean coast of Colombia.

We have amazing talent from Latin America, as well as international acts to bring for your listening pleasure. This will truly be the first festival of its kind on the North Coast, so please come and be a part of this special occasion.

After Covid-19, the name of our festival couldn't be more appropriate. We will be reviving so many things, including the return of live music, mass gatherings, support for small businesses, tourism, and the opportunity to connect freely with others. So with this in mind we invite you to revive with us at the 3rd official Revival Festival.


We will have 3 large camping zones, with shade to keep you cool when the sun is up.


We will have toilets, showers, and sanitary points, and water points to wash your utensils, plates, cups, and hands.


You are welcome to bring your own food and drink, but we will have bars with alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks to purchase, as well as food vendors and a mini market where you can purchase basic foods, fruits, and vegetables.


We will have some plates and cups available, but please try to bring your own that you can reuse, as we want to limit waste to an absolute minimum.


We do not do day passes. The price for the ticket includes both days, and while you are free to leave at any time, we do not allow re-entry after leaving because of safety, insurance, and logistical purposes.


Revival Rules 

. Be Respectful!

. No entry without valid ticket

. No Re-Entries (you may leave the festival at any time, but for insurance and security purposes we cannot allow you to return once you have gone off site)

. Stay off the neighbour's land

. Put all garbage (including used cigarettes) in waste bins provided - or your own

. No consumption or selling of narcotics

. No drinking in swimming pool

. No private parties in camping areas - camping areas are for sleeping ONLY!

. You may bring your own food and drink, but you can only COOK in designated areas

. Be aware of dangerous animals

. We are not responsible for your safety, so be careful!

. Listen to our security

. No parking

. Have fun!

. Drink lots of water!

. Take care of eachother

Food and drink will be available to purchase (bring cash) but individuals may also bring their own food, and a limited amount of alcohol - 10 beers per person, or 2 bottles of wine, or 1 bottle of liquor (Rum, aguardiente etc). Everyone will be searched by security upon arrival.


All rules will be enforced, and any disobedience will result in rejection from the festival site. We will also have police officers on site.

. Water

. Insulated water bottles and Thermos Flask

. Gas or propane stoves

. Insect repellant

. Cash - We DO NOT accept cards

. Medical kit

. Camera

. High factor sun cream

. Sun hat

. Sunglasses

. Light clothes

. Tent and sleeping bag

. Ear plugs & Sleep mask

. Electrolytes

. Pain killers

. Plasters

. Reusable cup

. Reusable plate, and cutlery

. Portable ashtray

. Cool box, or insulated box

. Tissues/toilet paper

. Hand sanitizer

. Eco-friendly soap

. ...

We will also have an ambulance and medical team on site. We will have showers available for people to wash themselves, and running water for people to wash their cups and plates.

We will have toilets and sanitary stations available on site.

We WILL have a small shop food, drink, and ice available to buy, but you are more than welcome to bring your own.

Here is a list of items we recommend you bring:

items to bring


We are proud to be working with these two charities, and are committed to giving 1/3 of all profits made to them so they can continue their amazing work.


Women for Conservation works with small communities in the Sierra Nevada, empowering women, raising awareness, facilitating education, creating work opportunities, and providing food supplies. They also do occasional work in other developing areas of other countries in Latin America


el rio logo.png

The El Rio Foundation works with the education of children on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, mainly in and around the town of Buritaca. They also help with food supplies for small communities in the Sierra Nevada, and facilitate various community events that raise awareness, and provide support for the local communities.



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Benjamin Wise founded The Revival Festival, in 2015. The first festival was self-funded, and took place in Squamish, British Columbia. Benjamin grew up in the UK and trained as an actor, and later became a singer-songwriter and event organiser. Many of the artists who performed at the original festival were friends of Benjamin´s, who he met while managing popular bar/music venue “Falconetti´s”, in Vancouver, through booking them for shows there. The original purpose of the festival was to glue together the segregated, but highly talented music community of Vancouver, and to create new and exciting collaborations.

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A co-founding member of the Revival Festival, Ashley Frerichs brings her passion for music and community to everything she does. After spending years in Vancouver and London, she's now back in her hometown of Calgary living the family life with her partner and son. When she's not on mom-duty, she's likely working on one of her many writing projects, or learning to play the piano. 


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